Passion and professional dedication, raw materials of unmatched quality, continuous innovation and endless learning.

Más de 90 variedades diferentes

Desde 2010, en chocoMe elaboramos cada uno de nuestros chocolates a mano, y con el mayor cariño, nos esforzamos cada día por conseguir la máxima calidad.

Recipes full of history

Since 2010, we have been dedicated to the artisanal creation of gourmet chocolates, tirelessly seeking perfection in each piece. Our master chocolatiers select the best ingredients, fusing tradition and avant-garde to offer you an unforgettable flavor experience. At chocoMe , past and present come together to celebrate the authentic taste of chocolate.

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The selection of the best ingredients

Explore the hidden world inside each tablet. Each piece is a journey of flavors, textures and emotions. Feel the crunch of high-quality cocoa melting on your palate. Discover the love and dedication we put into each tablet, telling stories from the most distant lands

ChocoMe Ingredients

Presents for all the family

Chocolate is a symbol of love and passion. It's the sweetest hug. In every bite, relive friendship, care and good wishes, wrapped in rich flavors and smooth textures. ChocoMe is not just a gift, it is a message that melts on your palate, creating unforgettable moments. Join us on this journey of flavor and emotions, and make every occasion special with the perfect gift.

More than 100 different varieties to share

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