chocoMe was founded in 2010 with the main goal of creating the perfect chocolate flavor.

Our primary mission is to manufacture premium quality chocolates to satisfy consumer demands in all aspects.

A piece of our history in images

  • Perfect chocolates need excellent ingredients, which is why chocoMe exclusively uses premium quality couverture chocolates with 100% cocoa butter content, prepared by the most important French chocolatiers in the world, such as: Valrhona and Cacao Barry. Also our ingredients and the different decorations

    They come from Germany, Italy, France and Spain, from carefully selected suppliers.

  • Our efforts for perfection are detected in all stages of production , from the selection of our ingredients to the manufacturing and presentation of the final product.

  • Being innovative not only represents a simple search but is a true necessity for us. Innovation allows us to be one step ahead of our competitors . And quality ensures constant improvement of our products.

Chocolatier and CEO

Gábor Mészáros

Gábor Mészáros, the visionary behind the exquisite chocolate brand chocoMe, embodies the tireless pursuit of the highest quality in every detail. His unwavering dedication led him to conceive a self-developed dark chocolate recipe, a true delight with a distinctive flavor that will soon become chocoMe's signature emblem.

Immersed in the deep exploration of the origins of cocoa and its sensory impact, as well as in the mastery of the production of cocoa beans of excellence, I have had the privilege of visiting countless cocoa plantations. On my journey through the Caribbean, I looked for farmers with extensive experience in this field. After experiencing the cocoa lands and delighting in the essence of cocoa and its transformation into exquisite chocolate, this unique dark chocolate recipe emerged. An unmatched aromatic profile was conceived in a modern chocolate laboratory, near Paris. I believe we have achieved success in creating an unforgettable experience in every bit of chocoMe chocolate."

The adventures of a chocolate. From the Caribbean to Paris and Budapest. A new concept of chocolate is born

The cocoa beans for this unique type of dark chocolate come from the fertile lands of Peru and the Dominican Republic. Peruvian Trinitario cocoa beans display fruity notes with pleasant acidity and a delicate nutty aftertaste. On the other hand, Forastero beans from the Dominican Republic offer a fruity and slightly spicy touch. The exceptional union of these two varieties culminates in an unparalleled experience that can be savored in every corner of ChocoMe dark chocolate.

The character of chocolate amalgamates the persuasive essence of cocoa, in harmony with dominant sour notes, a powerful undertone of red fruits and a persistent aftertaste.

The international growth of a brand

The newest chocolate creations were revealed at an exclusive event on September 6, 2017, at the majestic Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace. Here, the distinguished guests not only delved into the exciting narrative of the birth of chocoMe, traveling through exotic lands, but also had the privilege of savoring this adventure with all their senses in the form of unique and unprecedented chocolate flavors. The success of this event did not surprise anyone.

chocoMe has 112 international awards

The achievements of the Hungarian chocolate manufacture chocoMe in prestigious international competitions. ChocoMe has won five honors at the Great Taste Awards and the International Chocolate Awards.

These competitions are known for their expert jury and the various product categories they cover. ChocoMe has won two silver and three bronze medals at the Great Taste Awards, and has been awarded at the International Chocolate Awards.

With these awards, the brand has achieved a total of 112 international recognitions, which strengthens its reputation. Award-winning products include chocolate varieties with innovative flavors and specialized production techniques.