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ChocoMe - Almond Rocher - Griffe 100g

ChocoMe - Almond Rocher - Griffe 100g


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This exclusive rocher combines almond flakes with a touch of Maldon salt, freshly roasted black sesame seeds and granola, all wrapped in a 43% high cocoa milk chocolate. This product, from the Griffé family (which means "rough"), breaks with the traditional aesthetic of chocolate, offering velvety and "disordered" pieces that interact within the box. Creator Gábor Mészáros introduced Griffé as a delicious and distinctive approach to the world of chocolate

The perfect blend of the distinctive flavor of almond flakes, complemented by the saltiness of Maldon salt, the umami touch of black sesame seeds and the crunchy texture of granola, offers a unique sensory experience. The chocolate should be enjoyed at room temperature, approximately 20°C, and it is important to note the lingering aromas when letting it melt in your mouth.

It is ideal for those who appreciate the combination of textures and flavors, looking for a milk chocolate with a high cocoa content that offers salty and crunchy notes. Finally, it is recommended to store chocolate in a dry, dimly lit place, away from strong odors and high humidity. Does not need refrigeration.


Handmade product. All our manufacturing is made to order to ensure maximum quality and freshness

Most awarded chocolate

ChocoMe is recognized worldwide as a leading brand in the chocolate industry, having received more than 100 prestigious international awards.

The best ingredients from every corner of the world

Madagascar cocoa beans, recipes made with Valrhona French chocolate. Or Venezuela, Mount Etna, Austria, Ethiopia, are some of the places where each of the ingredients of this chocolate come from.

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Care and dedication in each phase of its manufacturing.

Suitable only for the most demanding. Intended exclusively for those seeking excellence

Enter. More than 25 different recipes

110g tablets. The flavor of chocolate elevated to its maximum expression.

The perfection of authentic chocolate

Since 2010 creating recipes suitable for the most demanding palates