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chocoMe - VOILÉ3 selection 3x50g

chocoMe - VOILÉ3 selection 3x50g


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Delve into a unique culinary experience with chocoMe's VOILÉ3 selection, which includes three of its best chocolates in portions of 50g each, for a total of 150g. This elegant selection incorporates the delights of:

Spanish orange peel covered in V66% dark chocolate : A meticulously selected peel that combines the refreshing flavor of orange with the intense flavor of dark chocolate. You will notice subtle hints of spices that enhance the experience[3].

Candied ginger covered in V66% dark chocolate : A harmonious blend of refreshing ginger dipped in a layer of dark chocolate, combining Ecuadorian and African Forastero cocoa flavors[3].

Mango slices covered in V66% dark chocolate : Carefully selected fruits that retain their original and distinctive flavor, combined with intense 70% dark chocolate. This particular creation reflects the chocolatier's passion for mangoes and his commitment to top-quality ingredients.


Handmade product. All our manufacturing is made to order to ensure maximum quality and freshness

Most awarded chocolate in the world

ChocoMe is recognized worldwide as a leading brand in the chocolate industry, having received more than 100 prestigious international awards.

The best ingredients from every corner of the world

Madagascar cocoa beans, recipes made with Valrhona French chocolate. Or Venezuela, Mount Etna, Austria, Ethiopia, are some of the places where each of the ingredients of this chocolate come from.

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Since 2010 creating recipes suitable for the most demanding palates

Suitable only for the most demanding. Intended exclusively for those seeking excellence

Voile. 8 different recipes filled with 100% flavor

The magic of the 9 sheets of chocoMe chocolate that are only 5 millimeters thick

Care and dedication in each phase of its manufacturing.

Suitable only for the most demanding. Intended exclusively for those seeking excellence